Johan Prag Product Design & Design Direction


I am a designer working at Google guided by the idea that digital products should be more simple, helpful, and human. Before joining Google I was part of the early team at Figma, the collaborative design tool, working there to define the tool itself as well as the brand ahead of a public launch.

I moved to California from Tokyo, Japan in 2011 to join the design team just being formed then at Flipboard around an effort to bring the app to iPhones. The move from Tokyo to California also signaled a shift away from advertising to digital product design. In Tokyo, I ran my own design agency for seven years, working in the cross section of graphic design and advertising.

I am originally from Stockholm, Sweden, where I was part of the team that was formed around the re-design of Scandinavian Airline Systems. The team which later became Stockholm Design Lab.


Past clients include